My linx

Here are some sites I dig.  E-mail me if you have one I should put up here.


Girlpunk.net: Breaking up the boys club!  Check out the message boards, they rock.


Tons of great ideas for diy stuff!  Incredibly talented and creative chicks all over this forum.  Not to mention they're all really nice.

Emotion Eric

Used to be a *really* awesome site, but I think it's currently down :(  Worth checking out anyway, though.

How to make gum wrapper chains!

Koolest fuckin thing.  Shows you how to make nifty little gum wrapper chains.


Synth hair! Fuckin awesome site.  She makes *such* pretty wool dred falls.<<33


Another dope fake hair website.  Very kool stuff. ^_^

Making Fiends

Really cute cartoons.  Unholy.





Have Fun!